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Why Now?

The first time I considered opening a blog was when I first started www.anneauxbleusjewelrycom ... I kept putting it off for many reasons:

- One of them is that I don't like to display my personal life and thought that when you have a blog you have to share personal things with people... it may still be the case, but I now want to live the moment and think about things as they happen.

- I thought I had to upload it regularly

- Didn't think people would take the time to interact or even read my content ... Still the case, I just decided to do it for myself now and not for the people.

Reasons can keep going on, but I don't want to bore you with that. One thing is that when you don't have the will to do something nothing is going to make you do it.

So what made me decide to finally start this Blog?

Back home in my Country Algeria, massive protests have been going on since last February against a regime and a president that has been in place for the last years.

As an Algerian living abroad, it was hard to cope with the situation especially that I was actively against this regime since years ago.

Emotions were building up, and the feeling of helplessness was growing since I'm so far away. there were instances where I would burst in tears without any reason, so much that I spent several weeks not able to work or create anything in my studio. I am far away unable to interact with my people or help with the situation and only receiving images and videos about what is happening.

I'm not really active on Facebook, but at that instance I had the urge to let this rage out, I couldn't keep my frustration for myself, So I wrote a post about that. I shared it on the platform without any expectations... No, a miracle didn't happen, the post didn't get any likes or comments LOL ... but what the post did, was that it healed the desperation in me. I kid you not, it felt as if writing the post removed a wait off my shoulders, I instantly had a feeling of relief.

It was a turning point for me, I mean, I'm aware that I don't have the best linguistic skills nor I'm well spoken. and props to you if you made it this far, I appreciate you!

That's how I got the courage to start this blog, it is going to be my play ground, I'll share my thoughts and anything I feel like sharing with you guys. I don't have any expectations, all I think of is that this is going to be snippets from my personal journal. Everyone of us should have one, I think it is healthy in today's world for everyone to have a blog, and we don't have to appeal to everyone.

This takes me to another topic, sharing one's opinions, it is not wrong to express them, we can disagree and still be friends or at least consider each other as fellow human-beings. Our opinions make us who we are, I mean I see that today we express ourselves in our way of dressing and hair but people are shy to state their opinions! I think that we all want to build a strong society, but how can we expect a strong individual when we select to state our opinions only around people who agree with us.

I am a Jewelry Designer and a Metal Smith Artist ( I'll tell you more about that journey in the coming blog post) but you might find me talk about love, politics, religions, economy, beauty, Ethics, Sustainability, fashion, and much more. Because I'm not afraid to shed a light on my ideas, and I'm a strong believer that our differences are actually our source of force.

so, anyways, this is a beginning of a new chapter, one of sharing and openness.

And as we say in Algeria: Khellet'ha Tesfa ... :D

Thank you guys for your time... Much love.

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